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Dong-hyeon Lee CEO of Shinhan Venture Investment
Founded in April 2000, Shinhan Venture Investment has been steadily pursuing our two goals as the development of the Korean venture industry and the fund management income in Korea and the global economy, despite the various changes in domestic and foreign economy and industrial structure, by the best professionals and differentiated value increase methods.

Venture Capital division form venture investment associations to provide capital to start-up companies with innovative technologies and ideas, although they lack funds and provide essential management consulting for each stage of corporate growth.

Private Equity division participate in management by acquiring a stake in the invested company through the formation of an institutional private equity fund and are actively supporting corporate restructuring innovation to increase the value and growth of invested companies.

Shinhan Venture Investment is doing its best to become an investor that companies want to invest, to become a company that investors want to invest, to become a company that shares happiness with employees.
Shinhan Venture Investment is one of the important investment principles.
  • 01
    It does not seek short-term returns on investment
  • 02
    Continues to keep Win-Win partnership with invested company in long term perspective
  • 03
    We top priority is to satisfy LP’s needs by maximizing the value of our portfolio companies based on our teamwork and open communication with stakeholders.
Shinhan Venture Investment
is a company with the industry's best expert group and global investment capabilities to become a more reliable partner. We will continue to develop by raising it. In addition, while adhering to honest and transparent management principles, as an investment company by creating the highest corporate value, We will fulfill my responsibilities.

Dong-hyeon Lee CEO of Shinhan Venture Investment